Read Me First

Velkomin á Bloggið Mitt or "Welcome to my blog" in Icelandic (According to Google Translate) This is my fifth blog in a continuing series of vacation blogs from around the world. Every year Susie (my wife) and I pick a town, rent an apartment for a month (thank-you, no car and live like the … Continue reading Read Me First

Our Itinerary

Our Itinerary We are going on "Self Driving Tour" set-up by a company called Icelandic Farm Holidays. It is 13 days/12 Nights long and will we drive ~900 miles. I know what you are thinking... "Icelandic FARM Holidays". Like this is going to be Green Acres and I'm Oliver Wendell Douglas and Susie (my wife) … Continue reading Our Itinerary

July 29 – Whale Watching, Godafoss Waterfall,

Windshields Cam, Whale Watching, Godafoss Waterfall, Red Bull, & Hot Rods in Iceland???So we are leaving the middle of nowhere today... YEAH!Introducing the Windshield Cam :-)You already know about the Sandwich Cam but now I'm happy to announce the "Windshields Cam". As I have mentioned, the roads have no shoulder and very few areas to … Continue reading July 29 – Whale Watching, Godafoss Waterfall,