July 25 – Árnanes

A Surprise Find, Glacier Lagoon, A Few More Waterfalls, A Drive Across the Moon & A Stinky Dinner!

Here is were we stayed last light. A little primitive, in the middle of nowhere but clean and nice.

As we left, I asked the desk worker if there was something we MUST see before leaving to our next stop. He casually suggested visiting “our little grand canyon”. It was just 2 miles down the road. So we took his advise and discovered a great find. The interesting thing is that none of the 4 Iceland tourists books we had even mentioned this place.

Here are a few pics… and yes, the grass was that green…

A Surprise Find

Here is the name of the place… another $5 if you can pronounce it 🙂

Here is little info  on the place… click on the photo to make it bigger.

Here is the beginning…

We walked along the right edge of the canyon.

Along the trail, there were little walk ways that would jut out into the canyon with a 200 ft drop-off on each side. You can see one of these in the pic below. Many of them were roped off and one even had a cross placed in the ground where someone had fallen to their death. YIKES!

A few more pics…

At the end of the trail (about a 20 minute walk) you were greeted with not 1, but 2 waterfalls!

 To get the above pics, I had to walk out on this point… a 200ft drop on each side! You can see the top of 1 waterfall… just to the right of the person’s foot…

On the hike back, the skies got really dark and cool…

After our lovely hike along the canyon, it was off to the Glacier lagoon. Here are a few pics along the way…

For about 5 miles both sides of the road looked like it was covered by a giant piece of green plush velvet. I stop to check it out. It was a lava field covered in moss. One of the locals said the moss was over 300 years old! I walked on it and it was like walking on pillows… very interesting.

Here is a close-up. You can see the lava rock covered by 6″ of moss.

A Few More Waterfalls!

Man… Iceland sure has a lot of waterfalls. Everywhere you look, you either see sheep or waterfalls 🙂

Here are a couple more we found along the drive…

 This little guy was guarding one of the waterfalls…

 Here is a close-up of the bottom of the one above.

A few more pics along the way to the glacier lagoon…

 For about 10 miles we traveled across an area that looked like the moon. No vegetation, just black rocks and black sand… with a few rivers. Kind of eerie don’t you think??

We finally made it to the glacier lagoon.

The Glacier Lagoon

The Glacier Lagoon is a lake/lagoon filled with water from the summer melt from the nearby glacier. Since the edge of the glacier sits next to the lagoon, chunks of the ice fall into the water and form icebergs.

Here are a few shots…

You can see the glacier in the back (on  the other side of the lagoon). Note the people to get an idea of the scale.

We took a 30 minute boat ride on the boat below. TIP… it was just OK. I got better pics just walking along the shore.

While on  the boat tour, the guide had a piece of ice from the glacier and passed it around. The piece Susie is holding is 1,000 years old. We also got to eat a small piece of the glacier ice. It would have tasted much better with a little scotch whiskey 🙂

Here are some of the icebergs… and YES, some of them were that blue! FYI the black parts are dirt the glacier picked up as it moved down the mountain.

I paid a couple of stunt birds for this shot 🙂

 Along the shore, you can find small piece of the icebergs that melt into very bizarre shapes. Below are a few example. Note-these pieces were only about 2-3ft big.

After the Glacier Lagoon we headed off to our hotel. Here are a few shots along the way. Notice how the weather changed!

Time for bed… see you in the morning…


One thought on “July 25 – Árnanes

  1. (I don't think my last post went through so I'm trying it again … )

    Wow! Just wow! This place, and all your photographs, are spectacularly beautiful!!! So stunning! Enjoy the rest of your travels. Cindy


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