July 27 – Middle of Nowhere

Angry Tire Gods, Europe’s Largest Waterfall and Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere?

Good Morning… here is a view from our hotel room… not to shabby.

When we got up and walked outside we saw what appeared to be a strange looking cat… it had a snout?? The owners told us it was an arctic fox and the mother had abandoned the cub in May of this year. They decided to feed/raise it, but they expect the fox will return to the woods in the winter. Here is a pics of the little guy.

The owners also had a really cool dog named Caesar and he got along with the fox…

Here are few parting shots from where we stayed:

The Ultimate hot tub 🙂

 The bath house…

After a nice breakfast, we drove into the little town and found this…

Back on the road and off to Dettifoss. Here are few pics along the way…

Sandwich Cam

We found a beautiful spots off the main road & stopped to have our picnic lunch. Here are a few shots from lunch.

Along the walk to our lunch spot, Susie had an encounter with one of the locals 🙂

FYI… Susie is becoming quite the cinematographer!

We sat on this soft grassy knoll overlooking a small canyon…

Here is the  little canyon, very civilized 🙂

After a great lunch it was another 2 hours to go. Finally we turned off of Hwy 1 onto a…….. you guessed it…… gravel road 🙂

As we turned onto the gravel road it started to rain… which produced an amazing rainbow. It was so close you could almost touch it!

Angry Tire Gods

About 3 miles before reaching the falls, the car’s warning lights went off… the passenger front tire needed air!. It showed there was 1.7bars of pressure (24psi) in the tire… it should have 2.3 bars. I really couldn’t stop on the gravel road since there was no shoulder, so my only hope was to reach the  parking lot at the falls. At 2 miles before the falls the tire pressure had dropped to 1.4 bars (20psi)… 1 mile before the fall – 1.0 bars (14psi) Were we going to make it??????????  (I’m trying to build some suspense 🙂  )

As we pulled into the parking lot the tire was basically flat, but we made it…. YEAH!

Once I parked the car, I had Susie change the tire…. just kidding…. I’m just seeing if you are really reading this blog 🙂

I quickly jumped into action and changed the tire. A couple from Australia parked next to us and offered to help. I had the situation well in  hand, but appreciated their moral support 🙂

Here are the Aussies:

Angus & Laura…. thanks for your support 🙂  Angus said he had a a pet kangaroo back home… I don’t know if I should believe him 🙂

A job well done…

After our little confrontation with the angry tire gods, it was off to see the Dettifoss waterfall. First a few facts:

  • Dettifoss is a waterfall in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland, and is the most powerful/largest waterfall in Europe.
  • The falls are 100 metres (330 ft) wide and drop 45 metres (150 ft) down to the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon.
  • Dettifoss was recently featured in the opening scene of Ridley Scott’s 2012 Aliens prequel, Prometheus. 

OK here are a few shots… it was very impressive!

And here is a video from Susie…

After an eventful day we headed to our hotel… this place was in  the middle of nowhere! It was 40 minutes from  the nearest town! It was a nice place but in the middle of nowhere & we are scheduled to stay here for 2 nights 😦

Here is the place…

Yes this is really our place for the next 2 days…. YEAH.



One thought on “July 27 – Middle of Nowhere

  1. More gorgeous photos!! I'm certainly enjoying them. I see you've had encounters with many a creature, including a cute little fox, a Caesar dog, a gaggle of Gnomes, a billy goat or sheep, a possible leprechaun, and someone with a pet kangaroo — impressive!! However, are you aware that we have a “Milwaukee Lion”??? Yep, he's even made the national news several days. He's our elusive friend, though with your critter luck, he may come out to visit you on your return! Happy travels! 🙂


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