July 30 – Holmavik

Does it Ever Get Dark?, Lesson in Retailing &  Susie has an Alternation 

Some people were making some noise last night & I couldn’t fall back to sleep. So I got up and grabbed a glass a water and looked out side. Here is what I saw @ 3:00am!!!!! CRAZY!!!
Here are a few shot in the morning of the place we stayed at:
We stayed in the building on the left.

It was a nice place, but about 50% of the light bulbs were burned out or missing. We have noticed this at several places. Very strange.
Today’s plan was to make it to Holmavik… about 6 hour drive.
We started out the day with  a quick stop at the supermarket. Here are a few pics and observations:
This is their version of Piggly Wiggly  🙂

Inside the store was a big room full of refrigerated items…. instead of using lots of coolers like home, they have a giant walk-in cooler:

Note the yellow dots… this is the sliding door to the cooler.

Here is what it looks like inside:

I have talked about how crazy the prices are… here is an example. These paperback novels are ~ $27!!!!!

Homer Simpson would love it Iceland 🙂

Donuts are quite popular here

Lessons in retailing. 

What you got here is kids bikes next to golf clubs (the black boxes to the right) in the frozen meat & dairy section of the store 🙂

On the way out, eagle-eye Susie spotted the elusive shopping mall in the distance… Here are a few shots from our experience in  the mall of Iceland:

Here is something you don’t often see in Iceland… a sale. FYI even @ 50% off it is still expensive.

From the “What ever happened to” files. I remember back in the late 80’s & early 90’s United Colors of Benetton stores were on every corner in Europe. (I guess they have been replaced with Starbucks 🙂  )

 Iceland’s version  of Pier 1????

 This guy was making some pretty neat balloon animals… love his pants 🙂

 I wonder who the father is  🙂

I actually did buy something in the mall… I got a really nice Hawaiian shirt for $20!!!… in Iceland 🙂

OK… we have a lot of miles to cover today. So here are a few shots from the road…

Strange…. a little waterfall that was steaming??? Maybe the water is coming from an underground geyers???

After about 2 hours on the road it was time for some lunch.

I found this little spot off of the road with a little hiking path. We followed it to a wonderful view and had lunch.
You can see where we parked and the path… look closely and you can Susie and a local blocking the path.

Susie has an Alternation With One of The Locals

Here is Susie’s view of the situation 🙂

Sandwich Cam
After a peaceful conclusion to the situation with the sheep we enjoyed a nice lunch.

Back on the road… Here are a few shots along the way:

The clouds were amazing!!!

It was a long but very beautiful drive. But we finally made it to Holmavik.

The village (population 302) was nice, but a little tried…

They even had their own witchcraft museum 🙂

Here is a view from our hotel…

It is time to sleep….



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