Aug 1 – Baroastrond

Shaking it With Salt n Pepa, Iceland’s Most Beautiful Waterfall, Damn Fjords, A Little Weirdness

As we checked out this morning, I noticed several display cases around the lobby full of salt & pepper shakers. It seems the owners like to collect them and have 324 sets on display…

They owners also told us we would be passing by Iceland’s most beautiful waterfall today and told us we should stop there. I said YES!

Here are a few shots along the way…

Dynjandi Waterfall

A couple hours later we reached Dynjandi waterfalls. We could see it for several miles as we approached it.  Here it is from the windshield cam 🙂

Dynjandi (also known as Fjallfoss) is a series of waterfalls Vestfirðir. The waterfalls have a cumulative height of 100 metres (330 ft). There is 1 main waterfall and ~10 smaller waterfalls downstream of the main falls.

Let’s have Susie first give us an overview of the falls…

Nice job Susie!!!!

Here are a few pics… starting at the top main  falls…

you can see some of the other falls here…

Near the top… nice rain on the lens 🙂 See what I do for my blog fans 🙂  FYI my camera really doesn’t like to take a bath 🙂

 Notice how the rocks under the falls are like a bunch of stair steps. It almost looks too perfect… like Disney built them 🙂

 A little further down the strem…

Here are some of the smaller falls. Although they are smaller they are quite beautiful…

After the falls, we were back on the road… A few shots along the way…

Damn Fjords!

For the past 2 days, we have been driving up & down the coast of the fjords. They are truly spectacular, but pain in the arse to drive. Sometimes you drive along the water’s edge BUT other times you have to drive up to the top of the fjord and drive along the edge. It is like a 300ft shear drop-off to the water… on a gravel drive, with no shoulders and if that is not enough… you have to dodge the sheep 🙂

Here our route. Notice all the fjords. Google estimates 2 Hr 50 minutes…. It is more like 4 hours!!

Here are a few pics from driving along the fjords… notice the drop-offs… (Sorry for the pic quality… it was quite cloudy plus most of these are windshield cam photos)

Here is what the fjord look like…

Look to the left & notice the car… Follow the road. We are about 300-400ft above the water with a shear drop-off at some points.

About 2 ft beyond the flowers in the foreground is a ~400 ft shear drop-off. 

Many times we would see snow at the top of the fjords…

Here is example of the all the switchbacks…

After about 4 hours of battling the fjords, we finally made to our hotel… YEAH!

A Little Weirdness… 

But along the way we passed a few weird things.

This was shipwrecked here in the 1960’s.

Our hotel was near the water & offered some very nice views.

We had dinner at the hotel… here was view. Very civilized!!

Time for bed…


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