Aug 2 – Brjanslaekur

The Spaniards, Our Car Gets  Bath, Hitchhikers Galore, Hay We Got Horses Too and The Italians Are Coming 🙂 

The Spaniards 

We had a wonderful dinner and had some nice conversations with the staff. We found out they were all from Spain… the Barcelona area. I showed them some of my photo from Barcelona from last year… they became homesick 😦

It seems that at most place we stay many of the staff are from other countries. We have met workers from Spain, Poland, Serbia, Latvia…  I spoke with a shop owner a couple of days ago and she said the unemployment rate was ~2.5%!!!!

With that in mind, it make sense that they need foreign workers for entry-level jobs at the hotels.

Here is Susie with the hotel manager…  she is from Barcelona:

Here is where we stayed last night…

And here is a church near the hotel:

A Clean Car!

As you may have noticed over the past few blogs, we have been traveling on a lot of gravel roads & had a little rain as well. This combination is NOT fun to drive in and the car looks like it just came from a 1,000 mile dirt rally 🙂

About 2 hours down the road this morning, we reached nirvana… and asphalt road. Just a few minutes down the road was a gas station and we noticed people washing their cars, so we stopped. I expected (based on how everything is stupid expensive over here)  to pay ~$20 to wash the car. Guess what… it was FREE!!!!

Here is the below/ after pics 🙂

 Nice car 🙂

You can’t even read the license plate number…


What a difference…

OK back on the road!

About 30 minutes later we saw this sign 😦

For those of you who don’t speak Icelandic… GRAVEL ROAD AHEAD 😦

We travelled on the gravel road for another 3 hours… BUT the good news is there were some amzing sights to see…

Notice the yellow sand dunes in the foreground…

Here is where we had lunch… notice how I have artfully placed the sandwich to match the mountains in the background. Have I taken the Sandwich Cam toooo far?  🙂

Back on the road…

Hitchhikers Galore

Everywhere we go, we see hitchhikers. There are lots of them. Unfortunately, our car was crammed with all our stuff so we had no room to pick them up 😦

Many of them are packed to the max. We saw a guy from China with a gigantic pack on his back PLUS another one strapped to his front. We saw him a couple days ago & explained we didn’t have any room. Later we saw him in our hotel. The next day we saw him 3 different times on the road. Today we saw him again and stopped and we all laughed…

OK back on the road…

 It seems like the Icelanders used the same blueprint for all their churches 🙂

Hay…We Got Horses Too.  (see what I did there 🙂   )

I know that the sheep have been getting top billing on my blog, but there are a lot of Icelandic horse too. First a few facts:

  • Icelandic horses weigh ~800lbs and stand an average of 52 and 56 inches. Because of their small size some people consider them ponies. However, the Icelanders don’t like it if you call them ponies.
  • The Icelandic horses have five gaits; walk, trot, canter, tölt (tolt) and skeið (flying pace). The last 2 are fast trots. They are famous for their some ride. Some say the ride on the Icelandic horse is like riding in a Cadillac 🙂 
  • The Icelandic Horses were brought by Viking ships to serve the purpose of being the sole source of transportation over Iceland’s rough terrain. They remained the only mode of transportation for centuries, until the first automobile arrived in 1913.
  • 1000 years of no cross breeding means that the Icelandic Horse is the purest breed in the world.
  • The Icelandic horse used to buried with his owner. Horse and man were great companions in medieval times. The Icelandic horse was such a great symbol of status and pride that when heroes died, their horses were often buried with them.
  • Icelandic horse have one of the longest lifespans. The oldest Icelandic horse was named Tulle and lived to 56 years in Denmark.

OK, here are a few we passed today…

 Great… more gravel roads :-)…. but at least the view were pretty nice.

So we had it to our hotel… actually a hostel. When we checked in, they told us that 18 Italians were arriving tonight and they would be cooking their meals in the kitchen tonight. It was a fun night, lots of pasta :-), and some good laughs.

Here are few shots from the town & the beautiful sunset… enjoy!

 This duck was just walking down the street. He would peck at peoples feet as they walked by 🙂

 We had a lovely sunset…. at 11pm 🙂

Time for bed.


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