Aug 3 – Borgarnes

Where Is The Time Going?, Rock & Troll? & Camping Pods


WOW! we only have a couple days left in Iceland 😦

Speaking of time and thinking about the beautiful sunset last night, it is amazing how quickly the sunsets/sunrises are changing. Here is the official civilian sunrise/set times on the dates we arrived and when we will leave:

  • July 22 Sunset: 1:13am  Sunrise 1:59
  • Aug 5 Sunset 11:43pm  Sunrise 3:20am

In just a matter of 2 weeks, the times have shifted by almost 1.5 hours!!!!!

We have really enjoyed the long days.

Before we get on the road… here is a shot from our bedroom in Brjanslaekur.

Today was a short drive to our next stop… Borgarnes.

We got in early into Borgarnes and spent most of the day relaxing in a lovely home in the country. It was a well deserved break & I could get some time to edit photos and catch-up on the blogs.

Here are a couple of shots on the drive to Borgarnes:

 And now for something completely different… a sheep photo 🙂   Note the tag in the sheep’s ear.

 Another random lava field along the way…

 Rock & Troll?

After a relaxing afternoon, we headed out for dinner & found a little restaurant called Rock & Troll. As we turned into the parking lot we were a little unsure after seeing this on the window 🙂

We thought it might be a kiddie restaurant with a troll theme. BUT we were wrong. It was a really unique place with great food.

To start with, the “rock” in Rock & Troll comes from the fact that they have more than 3,000 vinyl records and they will play requested albums during dinner. Here is the restaurant:

Note all the records on the right side.

Susie had them play Chicago’s Greatest Hits PLUS ELO’s classic Eldorado album. Historical reference for you younger fellas 🙂

If that weren’t enough… here is the view from our table – not tooooo bad 🙂

Here are a few other shots from outside the restaurant:

So, I got the “Roll” in Rock & Troll. But what about the Troll??? Well, the owner showed us a rock formation that looks like a troll near the river. Here it is. Look at the top rock formation… see the big nose, the eyes and the mouth???

They also had a cool campground that included these camping pods… Susie wanted one 🙂

   We ended the evening with a lovely sunset…

Today was a very peaceful & civilized day…


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