Aug 4 – Reykjavik

Shopping Malls, Horse Play,  More Shopping, A Little Weirdness & The Best Pizza in Iceland

So we got up and headed to Reykjavik, realizing this was our last full day in Iceland 😦

After a great breakfast, we headed out for a place Susie learned about from the owner of our house. Amazingly we found the place. It was a little collection of artsy places in the country. Here are a few shots from the place:

Some of the local inhabitants 🙂

 Susie was in nirvana 🙂

We then headed out to the big shopping mall in Reykjavik to do a little last minute shopping and hoping to find prices a little more reasonable. But along the way we found these horses & place to pull over – so we did.

As soon as Susie opened the bag of cookies, the horse perked up and followed her. We later found out that many of the horses are conditioned to this noise (plastic bag opening) because the owners will often feed the horse bread as a treat, which is in a plastic bag.

 This guy was laughing at us tourist 🙂

After all the horse play we eventually found the mall:

It was very clean, bright & modern:

A little weirdness…. I saw severval people walking thought the mall with shopping cart…

 This is a advert for a mobile phone carrier…. Kind of weird????

 Hey…. here is the hawaiian shirt I bought last week…. Very stylish don’t you think ???

 Here are the suits we had in the whale watching trip. Susie really wanted it 🙂   , but it was ~$400!!!

After our shopping we checked into our hotel and then headed out for the best pizza in Iceland (at least according to the worker @ the hotel)

Here the place.

We ordered a large pizza to go. While we were waiting a took a few shots of the neighborhood:

Some final weirdness. This was in the hotel kitchen. Instead of having a normal fire extinguisher they had this:

I think it is fire blanket. Pretty weird….

Well we have a lot packing to do & have to get up @ 5am to make our flight.  FYI the pizza was awesome!!!



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